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About us:

Britnee Meiser is a culture writer and children’s book author living in Brooklyn, NY. You might have seen her work in i-D Magazine, where she profiled artists like Julia Jacklin and Faye Webster, or The Wild Honey Pie, where she reviewed more music than she can remember. She loves to crochet, read books, and go for walks in the park with her dog, Audrey. This is her Instagram.

Eddie Gore is a musician, producer, and mixing engineer living in Brooklyn, NY. You might know him from his last band, Future Generations, which toured with acts like Yoke Lore, Mount Joy, and Wild Child, and had music featured in Netflix’s Atypical and The Perfect Date. He mixed and produced the music discovery podcast Coolaid. His new band, Dazies, will release their first single soon. Play with him (or against him) in Rocket League.

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Culture writer and children's book author living in Brooklyn, NY. Read more of my work at britneemeiser.com.